Sherlock Holmes Investigation: Your Game/The Pot’s Hot (C.R.S. 000005, 1973)

Why did I buy this record?  The B-side is a great funky jam, and my fiancee really liked it.  I buy a lot of records via online auctions.  When a record catches my eye, in this case because of the artist name, I listen to a sound clip to decide if the record is worthy of a spot in my library.  If my fiancee spontaneously dances to said record, then the acquisition is a done deal.  Money is no object.

DJ Gunga's copy of "Your Game" by Sherlock Holmes Investigation
Your Game-1973 C.R.S. release

Had I listened to a sound clip of the A-side first, I would have floated past this record like a honeybee past a plastic flower.  My apologies to Mr. Carl Holmes if he is still with us (the internet is surprisingly devoid of information about the man beyond 1975 or so), but the song is not worthy of a man of your stature.  “Your Game” is a rather bland Marvin Gaye knock-off, an unassuming deep soul number, with a smooth style taken straight from “What’s Going On”.  Released as the first single off Carl’s highly collectable album “Investigation No. 1”, “Your Game” does not sound like a song that would drive sales.  Every time the song comes up on shuffle, my fiancee rolls her eyes.

Now the B-side, the non-album track “The Pot’s Hot”.  This the the game we bought our tickets to see.  What a FUNKY groove.  And Carl wastes no time getting started.  Instead of a riff built around a horn section, we get Carl riffing on guitar.  The rhythm section lays down a groove with congas pushed forward in the mix, blended perfectly with a pounding bass line.  Horns bridge the sections between various solos:  guitar, flute, baritone sax, guitar.  John Davis makes the flute sound funky.  Per my fiancee, not easy to do.  The centerpiece is the second guitar solo; a fuzzed-up, spaced-out jazzy riff that closes out the song.  Holmes improvises as the horns take over the riff.  This is a jam worthy of your talents, Mr. Holmes.

It took my fiancee less than 10 seconds to say “get this one”.  There was no argument from me.  This is a funky, dirty, jazzy number that is impossible not to dance to.  When your fiancee is a dancer, sometimes one has to ignore price tags.  Some songs are priceless.  “The Pot’s Hot” is one of them.

(This song was nearly impossible to find for years, until a re-issue of “Investigation No. 1” circa 2004.  “The Pot’s Hot” was included as a bonus track.)


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