I started out a record curator at age 7. As a teen, I spun records for the occasional school dance or party. Not because I was popular. But because I had the biggest (and some might say the best) record library in the neighborhood. A lifetime of curating results in an ear for a great groove or a song that has soul. Curating led me to spinning at house parties. House parties led me to public performances. Because the best way to enjoy a record collection is to share a record collection.

As a curator, I take care that any record that enters my museum is worth space.  A collector tries to get as many records as they can.  A curator gets records that are worthy of space.

I spin it old school. No fancy lights. No working the crowd. No fancy turntablist moves.  I let the music do the talking.

My library covers 60s-70s soul, pre-disco funk, and 80s dance-pop. There is an occasional foray into popcorn, exotica, garage, and rockabilly.  I tend towards “forgotten” sides. These are songs that were minor hits and no-hitters. You will not hear these songs on the oldies stations. If you are lucky, one or two may be on a Spotify “Music of 19xx” list. Perhaps a Sirius XM DJ way down the dial might play them.  Or Pandora may hiccup and play one for you. Otherwise, the best way to hear these songs is to come out and hear me spin. Put on your dancing shoes and wear your soul clothes.

I also spin a few “rare” sides.  These are the obscure records.  The small local releases and the also-rans that have grown in stature since they were faint glimmers.  There are plenty of great DJs and sites devoted to rare music.  This site will spend most of its time in the middle ground.

This blog contains articles about records I’ve purchased, the occasional review of new releases, and whatever I may feel about discussing that is music-related.  I trust you will enjoy the read.  You will notice a lack of MP3s and other music plug-ins.  That has to do with royalty rights.  When possible I link to songs on streaming services that do pay fees to the artists, meager as they might be.

As a curator, I’m always looking to add to my stacks of wax. PM me if you have a collection or item you are looking to sell.

Share the love, feel the soul, keep the faith.